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Industry of Adana

Industry of Adana¸ which was based on agriculture¸ developed in two main branches as based on agricultural textile and vegetable oil sectors. After 1970s¸ number of Small and Medium size Enterprises has been increased and varieties of the sectors has been increased¸ in the next years production has started in the other sectors. When it has been passed to economic growth based on foreign trade¸ firms faced with adaption of the new policy¸ they experienced a 10 year sagnation. However¸ After the year of 1996 called as “Industry boom¸ with completion of infrastructure of our region production has restarted. In nowadays¸ there are 242 firms in the Hacı Sabancı planned location of industry. A few of them are big firms¸ the rest of them are the Medium size firms which their lack have been perceived. The most important factor making Adana Adana is its convenient climate. The secons factor is that it is resource of the raw material which are used in the production of agricultural industrial and food products. The third important factor is that we have all kind of possibilities and infrastructure both for investments and export. Adana has important advantages in the investment climate because of its irrigation channel watering all the region¸ energy transmission lines¸ international airport¸ highway and railway¸ with its perfect infrastructure planned location of industry which is one of the biggest in Turkey as one one- piece¸ Yumurtalık free trade zone which may expand as reserve area¸ qualified human capital and Çukurova University which is one the most successful university in Turkey.

*ACI has 22 different occupational groups and 1970 members